August 1, 2012

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Paint By Numbers

July 7, 2012

WANTED: one or more people to become the Blog CEO / COO / Author / Editor / Publisher / Chief Cook and Bottle Washer for the 2012-2013 season. NO experience required (it’s paint by numbers). Position includes: perpetual tech support (from Egor) – hands on training program (with Egor) – short hours – no pay – great benefits. The Blog will be easy to hand over as an up and running entity with copies of all graphic art files to be included.

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May 5, 2012

UPDATE – July 3rd: from the Smith Family blog – Open House extended until 8 pm – see map below [click to enlarge].

UPDATE – June 28th: from the Smith Family blog

I am hosting an Open House for Steve and Roxie at my house July 3rd from 12 noon to 6pm. It’s a way for everyone to come by and see mom and dad before they head back to Florida on Thursday July 5th. Also to celebrate the end of Steve-O’s 6 weeks of radiation and chemo treatments! His last day for radiation is July 2nd. So please feel free to stop by anytime between 12 and 6pm and visit as long as you’d like. Pass the word on! I live at 14831 Copper Penny Dr. Granger, IN located in Fairfield Estates located off Fir Rd. Drinks and snacks for all!!

UPDATE: May 22 – an email from Coach Smith arrived with a photo attached (excerpt below photo – scroll down).

Long story short, I am doing fine. […] I started chemo and radiation today so I am sure the energy levels are going to suffer a little. I plan to swim and bike thru the process, but!

41 more days of the combo treatment then we are back to Florida for more chemo and hopefully to participate in a clinical trial at M D Anderson Cancer Center in Orlando. This could go on for as long as 5 years.

I wore my team BTTW t-shirt for my first day of treatment, thought it was appropriate.


UPDATE: in addition to messages of support, today there are two pics of Coach Smith wearing his 2011-2012 JAMS shirt – visit the family blog here.

From the JAHS Parent Group, a year end calendar is here (Word doc).

[An excerpt from the Smith family blog – see link below for more]:
If you’re trying to think of a way to help the family out while Dad is undergoing treament these next 6 weeks, please visit our website here or contact Molly Woody (daughter) at mollysmith@rocketmail.com and let her know you’d like to make and deliver a meal to the family.

For those who have been following the family blog (click here) there is a continuous stream of support from those touched by Coach Smith. Steve will be back home again in Indiana soon to consult with various local medical professionals.

Hopefully one or more parents will keep the Blog alive going forward – it’s literally “paint by numbers” (log in, click to open a box, type in the box, click publish) – I only woke the thing from sleep mode to share news irt Steve-O.

As of today, the Blog has served 34,151 views (counting from launch date 10/15/09). It’d be a shame if this viable communication node went dark. ~ Egor


Sports Physicals

May 1, 2012

Parents – wanting to share the news about Coach Smith caused me to wake the Blog from sleep mode – below find info from the JAHS Parent email re: Sports Physicals (for the 2012-2013 season). Note: I still hope one or more parents will adopt the blog for next season …

High school athletes interested in being on a team during the 2012-13 school year (i.e. fall, winter, or spring season sports) must have a physical exam performed after May 1, 2012 before he or she may participate in high school athletics.

The IHSAA required physical form may be downloaded here. Please bring the required forms to the physical. A parent must complete and sign the form for the examining physician to complete and pay a $15 fee.

Families may choose to have their family physician perform the sports physical, but this is a great way to have an inexpensive physical so that your son or daughter can participate in sports. This opportunity only happens once each academic year so be sure to take advantage of it this week even if your son or daughter will participate in a sport next spring.

Please contact the athletic office if you have any questions: 283-7713.

Washington High School – May 10 at 2:45 PM
Clay High School – May 23 at 2:45 PM

Toni Fein and Shannon Brewster, John Adams High School Parent Group
Email: jadamsparentgroup@gmail.com | The Parent group website is here.


Coach Steve Smith

April 26, 2012

UPDATE – Monday morning – the family Blog has more info, along with some great photos of Steve – the Monday South Bend Tribune Sports Section has a story about Coach Smith (by Al Lesar) – click here.

UPDATE – Saturday afternoon – the family Blog (linked below, and again here) has a new message that reads:

You’ve been warned, they let him out!!
Steve just got back home here in Orlando! Sitting in recliner and doing well! Keep the phone calls coming, he loves to talk to everyone! Aaron (son) flew out this morning. Molly and I (Sarah) are still here with mom and dad. My sister and I are both RN’s so he’s in good hands!!

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Other: an overnight packet with “get well” cards went out today – to be delivered on Monday (rerouted to the home address) – note: the home address below had a mispeEling on the city – it’s Clermont, FL (not Claremont), or, so I hope … since that’s where the overnight went.

Other 2: want to participate in the fight against cancer? The Susan G. Komen Race for a Cure was today. The John Adams Eagles Flying Pink team will continue raising donations for a couple more weeks. Click here to donate through a secure site.

Other 3: a retrospective published Dec 3, 2011, honoring Coach Smith, is here.

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UPDATE – Saturday morning: a blog (weB-LOG) was created to share info on Steve’s condition / recovery – click: here

UPDATE: Some of the kids are signing a card for Steve – to send a message of support, email: egor AT comcast DOT net – or, write Steve directly.

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Email from Leslie Eid: Dear Swim Parents, former swimmers,

It is with much sadness that I share the following about dear coach Smith. Following is the letter his daughter sent out.

We wanted to send out a mass email about dad and an update on how he is doing. He had surgery yesterday evening. They got most but not all of the tumor. The tumor is described as growing little finger-like probes into his brain, so it’s impossible to surgically remove it all without cutting out brain tissue. Unlike other parts of your body, you can’t just remove that part of your body. The pathologist so far has classified the tumor as a Stage 3 Anaplastic Astrocytoma, but the surgeon felt like it looks more like a stage 4 Glioblastoma. Stage 1 is benign Stage 4 sucks. So, this was not the news we were hoping for. Next step is for dad to recover in the ICU, and we hope for him to be transfered to another floor later today. Hopefully be sent home in a few days from the hospital. 10 days post op he’ll have his staples removed and will start chemo and radiation soon after that. Depending on multiple factors that come into play will determine what kind of chemo and radiation they do. The surgeon will meet with the neuro team tomorrow to discuss his case and they will do another scan today to see how much of the tumor they got and see how it looks now. He also had a CT scan done this morning. We have some decisions to make as far as where to treat dad. We’d like to bring him home to South Bend so he can have more support from friends and family, but the cancer center here is one of the top 2 cancer centers with cutting edge research on cancer treatment.

We got to visit with him briefly after surgery. He can open his eyes and move his arms. He would try to talk but it was hard. It will take a few days for the swelling to subside and he should start to purk up after that.

We are all trying to absorb all this and put our heads around all this news that has just come out of the blue and knocked us off our feet. Kinda feel like we are all in a daze and have to remember to breath and walk one foot in front of the other. It helps to have all the messages and calls from everyone to kinda keep our minds occupied. We really appreciate all the support. Mom is doing well as can be and I think still absorbing the shock of all this. Aaron, Sarah and I are here as well as all his brothers and Grandad. Please pass on this info to anyone who we don’t have the email too.

Dad is definitely a fighter and the toughest man we know. His concern before surgery was how soon can he get back on his bike and in the pool, so he’s optimistic. We’ll send more updates when we can and when we know anything more.

So…there is alot of praying to do and sending of good wishes…you will see addresses below. Of course, they will appreciate both….especially from coach’s swimmers, past and present.

Please send this on to anyone you know would want to know. Coach Bart asked this info be published on the swim blog….so there will probably be more info to follow there.

Thanks all.
Leslie Eid

Orlando Regional Medical Center
1414 Kuhl Avenue
Orlando, FL 32806

Steve and Roxie Smith
752 Summit Greens Blvd
Clermont, FL 34711


The Week of 03/26/12

March 26, 2012

Final days of the 1st quarter, Spring semester – no school Wednesday.

Who will you run for? To join Eagles Flying Pink, the 2012 John Adams team entered in the Race for a Cure, click here.


The Week of 03/19/12

March 19, 2012

From the JAHS Parent Group:

Good Evening JAHS Parents,

While we did not have a meeting this month, we do want to share dates for some important upcoming dates.

Mar 17 Jazz Band Festival – Western Michigan University
Mar 28 No School – Teacher Record Day
Mar 29 John Adams District Band Concert – 6:30 PM, Gym A
Apr 2-6 Spring Break
Apr 6 Deadline to register for the May 5 SAT (http://sat.collegeboard.org/register/sat-dates)
Apr 9 Silver Hawks Opening Day Parade with JAHS Marching Band – 5:30 PM, downtown South Bend
Apr 20 Show Choir Spring Fling – JAHS Auditorium
Apr 23 John Adams Parent Group Meeting – 7 PM, LGI Room (tentative date)
May 11 Big Band Bash – JAHS Gym
May 18 Junior/Senior Prom
May 22 Spring Music Department Concert (Band, Orchestra, Choir) – JAHS Auditorium

SBCSC Board Meetings: Mar 19, Apr 11, Apr 23. All at 6:30 PM downtown.

We also want to share some of the MANY amazing recognition that our students have earned! We suspect that more great things have been going on, so if you know of something that we haven’t included, please pass the information on and we will happily share it.

From our Art Department:

The following students won their awards froover 2,250 art entries and over 800 writing entries in the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards regional competition. They were honored at a reception in Fort Wayne on February 12th.

*Note: I attended the awards reception and grabbed a copy of the FW News-Sentinel. I have pulled the names and awards from this publication. I feel quite sure that there were MANY more awards for JAHS student art work. As the website and the printed newspaper were the only available sources, I am sure that this list is incomplete. If anyone has a more inclusive list, I am happy to amend and re-send!

Writing Portfolio Winners: Caitlin Compton-Lujin and Nicholas Rush

American Voice Award Nominee: Mary Kate Hall

Regional Award Recipients: Stephanie Egyed (Gold Key, Short Story); Mary Kate Hall (Gold Key, American Voice, Personal Essay/Memoir), Haleigh Henderson (Honorable Mention, Poetry), Sara Hilleary (Honorable Mention, Short Story),Paxton Lancaster (Gold Key, Poetry), Chad Ludwick (Gold Key, Poetry), Michael Malone (Honorable Mention, Short Story), Brooke Marquardt (Gold Key, Short Story), Danielle Mazick (Gold Key, Short Story), Matthew Miholick (Silver Key, Poetry), Rebecca Neal (Silver Key, Poetry), Nicholas Rush (Gold Key, Humor; Silver Key, Short Story), Ava Tomasula y Garcia (Gold Key, Poetry (4); Silver Key, Short Story, Silver Key, Poetry (3)), Elana Vanett (Silver Key, Flash Fiction; Gold Key, Poetry (2); Gold Key, Flash Fiction; Honorable Mention, Poetry (2)), Carolyn Wirtz (Gold Key, Dramatic Script; Honorable Mention, Personal Essay/Memoir)

Art Winners
Jordyn Doyle (Gold Key, Ceramics and Glass), Nicole Gorman (Gold Key, Printmaking), Nick Strafford (Gold Key, Ceramics and Glass), Ava Tomasula y Garcia (Gold Key, Drawing)

From a South Bend Regional Museum of Art publication: Silver Keys for Stephanie Egyed, Gwynneth Hurley, Ava Tomasula y Garcia, Seth Parker (2), Miriam Stoner

From our Choir Department:

Hello. I’d like to bring you up to date on our recent Choir students fantastic performances at both the District Solo Ensemble Festival recently held at Clay High School on February 11, and the State Choral Solo Ensemble Festival held at Perry Meridian High School in Indianapolis, on February 18.

At the District Festival at Clay H. S., our choir students received one silver rating in a girls quartet ensemble and a silver rating in one solo entry. All the rest of the solos and ensembles received gold ratings and therefore qualified to go on to the State Contest. Our large ensemble consisting of 20 of our show choir members as well as two smaller ensembles, two girls barbershop quartets, all received a gold ratings. Solos performed by Daniele Mazick, Kelsie Weber, Mai Sutter, and Caitlin Compton Lujin all received gold medals. At the contest at Clay, the entire district had only had four girls barbershop quartets perform all day and Adams is proud to have had two of those four.

At the State Festival, all these solos and ensembles received gold ratings. The only exception was Maia Sutter, who did the best she could to perform her solo while she was quite sick and received a silver medal. However Maia was a terrific contributor at the state festival because she was a member of both of our girls barbershop quartets that received gold ratings. Our 20 member Madrigal entry received golds also.

The way the students performed and behaved so professionally the entire 13 hour day was highly commendable and certainly brought great credit to John Adams High School. I told the kids on the bus coming home that it was a privilege to be their extremely proud teacher for the long day of outstanding performances.

Meanwhile, put down on your calendar two major performing events for the Performing Arts Department of Adams High School. The choirs will perform their “Spring Fling” program on Friday night, April 20. On Tuesday night, May 22, the entire performing arts department will perform a year end concert which will feature the Band, Orchestra, and all our choirs, performing alone and in a special massed number to conclude the evening.

I want to express my sincere thanks for all you do to make Adams High School a better place for all!

Dr. Donald Moely
Director of Adams Choirs

From our Mock Trial Teams (Teacher Sponsors Shelly Gregory and Heath Weather and a host of amazing team coaches):

Elkhart Regional Awards

Best Attorneys: Taylor Miller (Team Hallelujah), Chris Carbonaro (Team Boatriders), Sydney Imes (Team Moofin), Edward Alexander (Team Sherman 42), Sarah Neal (Team Boatriders), Kel Beatty (Team Limit 5), Georgia Williams (Team What Name)

Best Witnesses:
Jessica Woodruff (Team What Name), Patrick Kline (Team Hallelujah), Camille Zniewicz (Team Boatriders), Natasha Reifenberg (Team Limit 5), Grace Landry (Team Boatriders), Caleb Geisler (Team Moofin), Michael Wilson (Team Sherman 42), Olivia Adams (Team Hallelujah)

First Place — Boatriders (Martin Garin, Chris Carbonaro, Courtney Kison, Elana Vanet, Grace Landry, Sarah Neal, Camille Zyniewicz, Kati Marquardt

Second Place — What Name? (Zac Carpenter, Isaac Fish,Taylor Willikens, Jordan Willikens, Jessica Woodruff, Treasure Jones, Isabelle Ilieva, Georgia Williams

3rd Place — Sherman 42 (Edward Alexander, Isabel Bradley, Mitchell Durham, Maurice Hoban, Quinlan McWilliams, Michael Wilson, Becca Neal, Claire Soisson

Indiana State Championship

Best Attorneys: Jeremy Doyle, Nick Hall, Becca Neal, Georgia Williams

Best Witnesses: Haleigh Henderson, Grace Landry, Emily Migliore, Michael Wilson

1st Place: Team Whüp Swag (Jeremy Doyle, Stephanie Egyed, Moshe Freidland, Grace Lidinsky-Smith, Emily Migliore, Cassie Taylor, Kevin
2nd Place: Sherman 42
3rd Place: Kalina
5th Place: Sharp Shock
11th Place: What Name?
14th Place: Ponyboy
17th Place: Boatriders
20th Place: Inception

John Adams Boys Basketball

Congratulations to the Basketball team on a fantastic season! In the morning semi-final game the score was Adams 76, Lake Central 72. Later that same day, they lost a close game in the Regional Championship: Memorial 73, Adams 70.

Science Olympiad Team Information Coming Soon!

Toni Fein and Shannon Brewster
John Adams High School Parent Group
Email us at: jadamsparentgroup@gmail.com
Check our website regularly for many helpful resources about JAHS, college preparation, summer programs and more: here.